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Fadia Faqir

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“A brilliant Jordanian writer.” (Malcolm Bradbury O.B.E., on Fadia Faqir)


“A compelling narrative ... negotiates the minefield of family, politics and religion fearlessly but with a delicate touch.” (Janet Davey, on Willow Trees Don’t Weep)

“This is a beautiful book, written in vivid, tender prose, about creating a new world when you have lost everything that matters. Salma is an unforgettable character, fierce and loving, veering between self-hatred and a sense of her own strength, touching and funny by terms. Now I have finished the book, I miss her.” (Maggie Gee, on My Name is Salma)


“Faqir has succeeded in making the tragic figure at the heart of ‘The Cry of the Dove’ into someone supremely human, both deeply heroic and deeply flawed, utterly believable. Salam is a real accomplishment.” (SF Gate, on The Cry of the Dove)

“Compulsive reading. A feminist vision of orientalism.” (Angela Carter, on Pillars of Salt)

“A major writer ... an extraordinary book” (Malcolm Bradbury, on Nisanit)

“Nisanit is horrifying and heart-breaking. It’s quite an achievement.” (Harold Pinter, on Nisanit)

“Written with unhidebound verve ... an ambitious solution to an impossible task: seeing the Arab Israeli conflict whole.” (New Statesman, on Nisanit)

“Un roman magnifique, bouleversant.” (Le Soir, sur Mon Nom est Salma)

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